The perfect 10

We’d like to thank our great customers for helping us to achieve a perfect 10.


It’s our privilege to thank our customers whose vision, challenges, projects and commitments provided a strong foundation for becoming one of the most innovation driven company related with Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture. We’re proud to have them as partners.


We are deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many of you, and for your support for our efforts to understand and develop innovative approaches to challenges organizations are facing today. Many of these new approaches have gained international visibility and recognition worldwide.


ABENGOA - Applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating energy from the sun, producing biofuels, desalinating sea water and recycling industrial waste.


AEP- Portuguese Entrepeneurial Association that defends the interests of enterprises and to provide services towards their competitiveness. 


Ana Aeroportos de Portugal - Airport Management of these airports Lisbon, Oporto, Faro, Beja, Ponta Delgada, Santa Maria, Horta, Flores and in Madeira and Porto Santo by ANAM – Aeroportos da Madeira.

Interdesign Interiores -  Leader in furniture manufacturing that allows its customers to build modular and flexible furniture solutions.


MEDNOVO -  Custom-made software solutions for hospitals and manufacturers of medical devices: powerful, efficient, user-friendly, time- and cost-saving.

Moninhas Alumínios - Designs and implements advanced solutions for construction industry.

NERVIR - Business association dedicated among others to create cooperation networks.


Roche - Pharmaceutical company whose focus is the development of drugs and diagnostics that will help patients live longer and have a better life.


Rumos - Professional training and IT solutions.


Tecnica Local - Designs, builds and maintains intelligent solutions for commercial and industrial air conditioning systems.

In the news

BPM Conference Portugal 2014

BPM Conference Portugal 2014 brings the set of technology factors that will define the future of organizations: Social, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud and Internet of Things.

Throughout the various sessions will be discussed as these five forces are changing the way organizations, and what it means in terms of enterprise change and adaptation.

More information about the event can be found <here>.


Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2014


Europe’s only Co-located Conferences on Enterprise Architecture and BPM. This event provides a unique opportunity to discover the latest approaches and innovative ideas to both BPM and EA and benefit from the synergies between them.

Process Sphere will present a session under the theme Viable System Model meets Enterprise Architecture.

The venue is between 16-18th June. More details about the event <here>.

Book Empowering Knowledge Workers published worldwide

Following the recognition of innovative BPM focused company, Process Sphere is proud to announce was invited to participate as co-author in the book Empowering Knowledge Workers.

Adaptive Case Management allows productivity improvements to be measured in both financial and non-financial terms, including reduced re-work, improved customer, and employee satisfaction. In part, by bringing areas of work previously “under the radar” when performed in purely ad hoc environments into greater visibility, Adaptive Case Management offers the ability to prioritize activities across multiple cases, balancing workloads, as well as monitoring quality, timeliness and speed. Highly predictable work is easy to support using traditional programming techniques, while unpredictable work cannot be accurately scripted in advance, and thus requires the involvement of the knowledge workers themselves. There is a broad and collaborative synthesis of case data that is at the heart of what makes Adaptive Case Management “adaptive” and is also the basic driver for why it needs to be so. Adaptive Case Management is ultimately about allowing knowledge workers to work the way that they want to work and to provide them with the tools and information they need to do so effectively.


More information about the book: <here>